About me

I’m a wife, the mother of a gorgeous little girl (our Lola bird), I’m a chocoholic and a cat lover (but it’s ok, we also have a dog). I love anything and everything to do with design and I collect paper samples. I’m a relaxed and chilled out kind of girl who loves nothing more then spending time with my family and relaxing in the sun.

When I was 10 years old, my father gave me my first film camera, one of those pink long rectangular ones that made the loudest shutter noise. To this day I remember the freedom I felt looking through the viewfinder and seeing the world like never before. Then when I was 15, my dad build me a darkroom in our family home. Together we would spend our weekends going on photographic adventures and returning home to develop our film, exposing our chosen frames on paper and then watching, like magic, as the images appeared.

After completing school and traveling the world, I came home and began a corporate career in Communication and Design. After all isn’t that what grown ups do? They have real jobs? Adults don’t run around taking photographs all day, right?

Well after 5 years of climbing the corporate ladder and a lot of soul searching, in 2010 I resigned from my corporate job, took 6 months off and found ‘me’ all over again. I went back to school and got my Bachelor of Photography, had a baby and here I am today, loving every single minute of life, because I get to do what I love every single day. I get to run around and take photographs all day.

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What I believe in

I promise to:

To deliver fine art portrait photography to those who love and are loved.

To provide elegant photographic memories that come with a twist of quirkiness, the quirkiness that is you, the quirkiness that is me and the quirkiness that comes from the surrounding natural and manmade environment.

To offer high end, stylishly minimal, eco friendly albums and prints made from natural resources and materials, because I believe in sustainability and providing lifelong memories.

To find fulfilment through photography and to believe in providing an honourable service that makes you proud.

To uphold the values of true friendship and professionalism by nurturing and supporting those I work with across the photographic community.